Alex player

TV series | 6-10 yo | Action | 26 x 22′ – 2D & CGI (2024)

Graphilm Entertainment is an

Welcome to the land of the titans e-sports championships!

Camille, Amy and Mike founded the Mongooses e-sports team. One day, they need to replace their captain and meet Alex, a passionate and charismatic football player… but who seems to be a complete noob when it comes to video games!

Yet, Alex turns out to be super gifted! Plus, he shows the qualities of a real Captain: courage, perseverance and team spirit. He’s able to bring out the best in each of them! As outsiders, they’ll need all their strengths and talent to win.

LET THE MATCH BEGIN! Will they survive the pressure?!


Arnaud Bourron


Cyber Group StudioS


ScrAWL Animation 


Audrey Berrebi

Antoine Charreyron