‘The Case’, an animated film about migrants and child rights, to debut on Rai’s TV channels

The Case, an animated film about migrations and children’s rights, debuts on Rai’s TV channels. It is directed by Maurizio Forestieri and shows the story of a journey and a dream locked in a violin case. A film about every child’s right to their future.

It is the story of the journey of a boy who flees a country at war. A fictional story, told through the language of animation, which combines the poetry of a unique storytelling with the power of the original score and the magic of animation. The Case is an exciting story of courage and hope in the transition between the old and the new year.

Here’s the official synopsis: In an undefined place and time, the very young Fadi escapes from a country at war carrying a violin case which he never leaves behind. Together with a group of other travelers, Fadi crosses deserts and seas in a path full of hindrances. Along the way, he meets the mysterious Naila and a group of other kids who don’t make it easy for him. At the end of the journey, after experiencing a shipwreck in the much-coveted land of Spes, the travelers find themselves in front of an impassable wall. Yet, even walls are not invincible.

The film has been recently awarded as Best Animated Film at NYIFA – New York International Film Awards, Best Director at the New York Animation Film Awards and has been nominated at the Tokyo Anime Award Festival 2022 and at the Providence Children’s Film Festival 2022.

The story, brought on screen by Maurizio Forestieri and accompanied by Roberto Frattini’s original soundtrack, is a fairytale for all ages, flavored with a bitter taste. A symbolic tale of current events and history of many peoples embarking on a journey in search for more hospitable places. A story of parents who want to guarantee a better future to their children – that future which is the right of every child and the duty of every civilization.

Forestieri said, “Describing a journey is one of the most usual things that can happen. However, this journey is different: very dangerous, no assigned seat, no set arrival time and, above all, without certainty of the destination; a very expensive trip for families indebted to criminal organizations to snatch their loved ones from wars and famines claiming the right that every human being has of his own future. The transfiguration of The Case represents a journey to a planet, be it the Earth or not, paradoxically suspended between a past of great civilizations, monumental vestiges, and a desolating and desertified dystopian future, where one speaks dramatically of a present, of those populations forced to flee their lands, and of thousands of minors taken away from their loved ones to be abandoned to their fate. It is a tale with no happy ending except for hope.”

The film is produced by the Rome-based animation studio Graphilm Entertainment in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, with the support of the MiC – Italian Ministry of Culture, under the patronage of UNICEF United Nation’s Children’s Fund and UNAR – Italian National Office Against Racial Discrimination. The animation was created by Graphilm Entertainment in collaboration with the Sicilian studio, Studio Rain, and the Tunisian studio CGS 3D.

The Case is broadcasting in Italy on Rai3 on 31 December 2021 and on Rai Gulp on 1 January 2022. It will also be available on Rai’s OTT platform Rai Play.

The Case is an exciting story of courage and hope in the transition between the old and the new year.


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