After the first twenty-six episodes set in ancient Egypt, centered around the adventures of the protagonist, an eight-year-old girl endowed with endless curiosity and great courage, and broadcasted last April, the animated TV series “Nefertine on the Nile” comes back starting from November 1st on Rai YoYo, Monday through Friday at 6:25PM and from November 4th, every day at 11:25AM.

The series is the result of an international coproduction among the Rome-based company Graphilm Entertainment directed by Maurizio Forestieri, the Belgian Waooh! and the French Cyber Group Studios, in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi, with the support of MiC Ministero della Cultura, Lazio Region, Attrazione Produzioni Cinematografiche and Creative Europe. It is distribuited internationally by Cyber Group Studios.

The new twenty-six episodes, thirteen-minute long each, are available on Ray Play. Nefertine’s mystery adventures can also be found in all Italian bookstores in the first issues of the new book series published by DeAgostini: two paperback storybooks which include two stories drawn from the episodes of the animated TV series along with two sticker albums. It is a ride full of mysteries and fun, in which brave Nefertine and her friends accompany the kids in a journey to discover ancient Egypt. The playful stories are based on values that are as solid as the Pyramids’ stones: friendship, loyalty, sense of justice, and eagerness to learn.

Nefertine is the daughter of the Pharaoh’s scribe. She has a unique ability for that time: she can read and write. Therefore, she aspires to become the first scribe-reporter in the history of Egypt. Yet, it is not easy to be an aspiring journalist in ancient Egypt. Always a bit too reckless, Nefertine has a particular talent to get into troubles. Fortunately, her trusted friend Piramses is always ready to help her. Among investigations, small fears, big discoveries, mysterious mummies, and Sphinx’s riddles, the two friends, accompanied by cat Micerina, experience many fantastic adventures in the shadow of the Pyramids.

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(SEÑAL NEWS) Rai launches new episodes of Nefertine on the Nile, an international coproduction among Graphilm Entertainment, Waooh! and Cyber Group Studios, in collaboration with Rai Ragazzi


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